The median annual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) salary in the United States is $217,768, with a range usually between $190,283 and $251,409, according to Our CISO as a Service role (“fractional” or “part-time” CISO) is a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. This is important because it allows you to reinvest some or all of the savings back into technical safeguards, improving your IT infrastructure, or to your organization’s bottom line profitability.

The role of a CISO is to provide leadership and guidance for an organization to manage risk.

Risks to data and information systems come in the form of attacks to confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Confidentiality – If a system’s confidentiality is compromised, data has been disclosed to unauthorized individuals. This could be classified or proprietary data, intellectual property, payroll data, personal health-related data, or any other private information.

Integrity – A loss of integrity means that data has been modified or destroyed by an unauthorized individual. This type of event happens due to malware infection, intentional hacking, or system failure. Ensuring that the data in your organization is the true and accurate representation of the data itself, in unmodified form, is a core concern for a CISO.

Availability – Simply put, this means that people have access to the data to which they’re authorized when they need it. CISOs are concerned with things like redundant systems and connections, resilient networks and applications, and replication of data between primary and disaster recovery (DR) sites.

Our CISO as a Service offering starts with an upfront risk assessment. It’s important for PIRC to get a baseline of risk, to ingest your organization’s risk appetite, mission statement, and vision statement. By having this risk baseline and understanding where the organization is headed from a leadership perspective, our cybersecurity experts can help your organization continually find opportunities to reduce risk.

We reduce stress by collating and curating information about risk, remediation efforts, and the general effectiveness of your cybersecurity program. This information is presented to your leadership or board in an easily-digestible format on a bi-annual basis.

If your organization is attacked, breached, or adversely affected in any way, we’ll report it to the board. The CISO as a Service role exists to get all of this complex and time-consuming work off your plate and onto one of our expert’s plates. Allow us to help you ensure proper cybersecurity governance within your organization by adopting our CISO as a service offering.