When a cyberattack, ransomware or other emergency happens, call the experts at Partners in Regulatory Compliance (PIRC) for immediate Cybersecurity Emergency Response. 

When disaster strikes, bring in our NYC based Cybersecurity Emergency Response as early as possible. 

When your organization has been compromised or is having a ransomware or other cyber-attack perpetrated on it, emotions will understandably be elevated and several people inside and outside of your organization will offer up their varied opinions.

Make no mistake about it, more often than not, today’s cybersecurity emergency is usually rooted in very sophisticated attack vectors that require a response from seasoned cybersecurity experts.

When a cybersecurity incident occurs, questions abound.

  • Should you pay the ransom?
  • What if we pay the ransom and still don’t get our data and files back?
  • Why is it taking so long to recover from this ransomware or other cyberattack?
  • Do you have an Incident Response Plan?
  • Do we need to notify the authorities?
  • Do we need to notify our customers?
  • Do our current IT personnel have the specific cybersecurity expertise to get our business back online, and prevent this from happening again?

Much like a non-cybersecurity crime, the minutes, hours and days immediately ensuing after the cyberattack is critical.  What you do here and now will determine the outcome of your recovery efforts and chart your path forward in terms of your ability to thwart future cyberattacks and cybersecurity incidents.

When disaster strikes, call us at (646) 863-9050 and leverage the 100+ years of collective experience that we offer.  Our Cybersecurity NYC based Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team, located in Manhattan is comprised of courteous and knowledgeable professionals that can guide your recovery efforts and advise you on mitigating the risks of a recurrence.

For more information and learning, see “Computer Security Incident Handling Guide” published by NIST.