HIPAA Assessment Services |  New York, NY

Covered entities and business associates in New York (NY) that want to assess their maturity level as it relates to HIPAA compliance are often best served by engaging one of our HIPAA consultants to conduct a HIPAA Assessment.

Our HIPAA Assessment is largely a human process, managed by a team of HIPAA consultants who work towards understanding the information technology assets and business processes of the covered entity as they relate to HIPAA cybersecurity control requirements.

During the HIPAA assessment, our HIPAA consultant will interview key personnel, review existing security policies, procedures, and controls, and examine information technology assets.

Overview of a typical HIPAA Maturity Assessment Engagement:

Partners In Regulatory Compliance (PIRC) will identify weaknesses in the organization’s information security practice through an assessment of an organization’s maturity in meeting control requirements and then develop an actionable plan for improving the organization’s cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance practices based on the results of the HIPAA assessment. The work performed is designed to evaluate the requirements of the organization and the maturity of the cybersecurity controls and functions adopted by the organization to address those requirements.

The objectives of the assessment initiative are as follows:

  • Identify gaps that may lead to issues meeting HIPAA compliance.
  • Develop a roadmap for improving HIPAA compliance.
  • Improve the overall cybersecurity posture of the organization.
  • Assist with preparation efforts required to respond to a HIPAA audit or examination.
  • Provide critical insight for risk mitigation planning.

Common Deliverables:

Documentation outlining current information security practices will be provided. The documentation will score current practices against a maturity scoring system. Remediation recommendations will be provided to assist the organization with the development and maturing of information security within their operating environment.

During the HIPAA Assessment closeout meeting, the HIPAA Consultant will review the findings with the organization.  PIRC is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, (NYC) but provides our HIPAA consulting services nationwide.