Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees  

One of the primary method hackers use to gain unauthorized access is social engineering, and the top social engineering method is phishing. This is where hackers send people emails that claim to be from a trusted source and try to elicit an action such as clicking on a malicious link or wiring money into an attacker’s bank account.

In addition to social engineering, there are other “human-borne” risks including poor password habits, connecting to insecure networks, and carrying around unencrypted mobile devices.

Partners in Regulatory Compliance (PIRC) security awareness program is aimed at reducing instances of human-borne risk in your organization. Our cybersecurity analysts will import your users into an online learning management system, configure and deploy training modules, and then test the effectiveness of the trainings by periodically phishing your employees.

After your online platform is set up, PIRC will spend time with your organization to ensure knowledge transfer takes place. This allows you to administer the security awareness platform on your own so you can track users’ progress in a dashboard, deploy unlimited phishing campaigns, and ensure that your organization as a whole is progressing to a state of reduced human-borne risk.

C-Suites love this service as it allows them to show a documented reduction in risk over time instead of just hoping that the training is effective. By training, phishing, training, phishing, and so on, you can show the president, owner, board, or C-Suite that the number of users interacting with phishing emails is going down over time. This justifies the cost of the platform and quantifies the risk reduction.

Lastly, the security awareness training modules are constantly being refreshed. As new threats emerge, and new technologies enter the scene, you will have access to new modules that address these concerns.